Tuesday, January 18, 2022

An emergency license to use the Chinese “Coronavac” vaccine In Egypt

The Egyptian Medicines Authority said, on Monday, that it had granted an emergency license to use the “Coronavac” vaccine, which is produced by the Chinese company “Sinovac” to prevent the Coronavirus.

Egypt has so far received shipments of “Sinopharma” and “AstraZeneca” vaccines and announced that it is preparing to produce up to 80 million doses of “Sinovac” vaccine locally. It was also granted approval to use the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that 567 people had recovered from infection with the Coronavirus, bringing the recovery cases to 167,24 cases, while the country recorded 953 new infections, bringing the number of infections since the virus appeared more than a year ago to 222,523 cases.

While the ministry counted 51 new deaths due to infection with the virus, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 13,49 deaths.

Egypt is seeking to increase reliance on local production of anti-Corona vaccines, and the local pharmaceutical company, Minapharm, announced last Thursday that it had entered into an agreement with the Russian Investment Fund to produce about 40 million doses of the Russian vaccine, “Sputnik-V,” annually.

A joint statement between the Egyptian company and the Russian Fund stated, “The two parties intend to start transferring technology immediately.”

The statement, which was published by the Egyptian company on its website, stated that “the vaccine is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2021”, to provide more than 40 million doses annually. Production will take place at the company’s facility in Cairo, and then will be distributed internationally.

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