Monday, May 10, 2021

A celebration of ethnic diversity at the Oscars 2021 … and “Netflix” top 7 awards

The Academy Awards ceremony, which was held at a railway station in downtown Los Angeles, looked pale and dry without political speeches, dance performances, or extravagance in costumes, decorations, and lighting, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has done 93 years ago.

The organizers and festival director, Steven Soderberg, contented themselves with broadcasting the recorded shows of the 5 best original Oscar-nominated songs and broadcasted on “ABC” and “OSN” prior to the official opening.

The famous red carpet was shorter than usual this year, and the number of stars is very few, as some hundreds of candidates and presenters do not exceed, compared with thousands over the previous years, while some of the prize contestants joined the celebration via satellites from Britain, Paris and some countries. Which its citizens were unable to travel.

Many masks and strictness in the precautionary measures for the Corona epidemic, made the celebration teeming with speeches dominated by personal stories, and a celebration of life after surviving Corona.

Daniel Kaluuya’s banter gave an air of fun about the intimate relationship between his mother and father, as he received the award for best-supporting actor for the film “Juda and Christ”, and some emotions were evident from people of African and Asian origins for winning prizes for the first time.

Tears added during the ceremony a kind of sincere emotions that drew the viewers and was the focus of their comments on social media, especially the tears of Thomas Winterberg, director of the Danish film “Another Round” winner of the Best Foreign Film Award, who cried for the death of his daughter while filming the movie, as well as tears Mia Neal and Jamaica Wilson, winners in the Best Hairstyling and Makeup category in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, are influenced by being the first women of African descent to win this award.

Followers of the Oscars used to send political messages or give rave speeches that shake American society, as happened last year when the ballroom was filled with harsh criticism of former US President Donald Trump, his party, and his rule, but it seems that this atmosphere disappeared with the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency, and the ruling of the Democratic Party that It is supported by the majority of American filmmakers and artists.

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