Saturday, January 29, 2022

India .. Corona “swallows” cities and tireless search for “cemeteries”

India’s crematoriums and cemeteries are overwhelmed by heavy work after being overwhelmed by a devastating new wave of Covid-19 infections that is tearing through the densely populated country at terrifying speed, depleting life-saving oxygen supplies to critical levels, leaving patients dying while waiting in line to see doctors.

And for the fourth consecutive day, India today, Sunday, set a world record for new infections, driven by a new malignant boom that appeared, undermining the government’s premature claims to victory over the epidemic, according to the “Associated Press”.

And the 349,691 confirmed cases during the past day raised the total number of cases in India to more than 16.9 million, second after the United States.

The Ministry of Health reported another 2,767 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of Covid-19 deaths in India to 192,311.

Experts say that the number of victims may be much more than the number mentioned, as suspected cases are not included, and many deaths from infection are attributed to other causes.

The crisis unfolding in India goes deeper in cemeteries and crematoriums, and in the heartbreaking images of gasping for patients dying on their way to hospitals due to lack of oxygen.

In the capital, New Delhi, cemeteries are running out of space, and lit and glowing funerary cremations lit up the night skies in other hard-hit cities.

In Bhopal city center, some crematoriums have increased their capacity from dozens to more than 50 bodies. However, officials say, there are still long waiting hours.

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