Saturday, January 29, 2022

Bloomberg: Apple is trying to develop iMessage to compete with WhatsApp

Apple is working on making several updates to its iMessage service, in order to be able to compete strongly in the instant messaging market, especially WhatsApp.

According to what was published by the agency “Bloomberg”, informed sources confirmed the work of the iPhone company to develop iMessage to attract iPhone users, to rely mainly on its service for communication, rather than WhatsApp.

A long struggle
Apple’s plan to develop iMessage to rival WhatsApp is a new link in the series of conflicts between Apple and Facebook.

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg said that iMessage service is an important and differentiating factor in the world of Apple services because it comes pre-installed on every iPhone phone, so it is the most used among all instant messaging services in the United States of America, according to what was published by the CNN website. NBC. “

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful messaging services used in the world, but since the end of last year, it has been going through a period that may be the most difficult in its history, in conjunction with the service’s announcement of updating the privacy policies related to its handling of user data and placing it in the hands of Facebook for use in a wider field of ads.

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