Monday, May 10, 2021

Correct use of the “Clubhouse app” … an opportunity for self-affirmation

The Clubhouse application is one of the latest social networks that has been very popular on the Internet in the recent period, and since its beta release on iOS and its endorsement by world-famous people, millions of smartphone and Internet users are flocking to access it, and in just a few weeks, the “Clubhouse” jumped, Which allows members to host and join voice chat rooms, from 600,000 to 100 million daily active users, including the world’s top thought leaders.

In light of the growing awareness of the “Clubhouse” application and its popularity that is increasing day after day, many brands interested in building communities are more curious about how to use them in their marketing strategies, but because Clubhouse is still not available to users of other systems such as Android, many marketers are logging in for the first time now.

Correct use of Clubhouse app
The chat room on the Clubhouse app is just like a conference call, but with some people in the call chatting, most of them listening to it, and as soon as the conversation ends the room is closed unlike Twitch; The videos that are streamed live remain on the platform for people to come back and watch.

At first, once you download and open the application, you will be prompted to choose the people or topics you want to follow and depending on what you choose and who you choose, you can scroll through the list of current and upcoming discussions, and you will be able to see the chat rooms hosted by all the different users; It contains titles, brief descriptions of topics, names and profiles of moderators, and you don’t have to wait hours in line to get to your industry, so if you see another discussion that catches your eye, you can just leave and move on to the next conversation.

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