Saturday, January 29, 2022

The most famous ship accidents .. How much were the costs and compensation?

Ever given: Claims $ 900 million in compensation
The “Ever given” ship stranded in the Suez Canal caused disruption of navigation for six days until it was finally floated. Egypt seized the ship, demanding the owner company pay 900 million dollars in compensation, amid continuing talks between the two sides. The Suez Canal Authority had said that it lost between 12 and 15 million dollars a day as a result of the accident. The cost of disrupting navigation on global trade ranges from 6 to 10 billion dollars, according to “Allianz” Insurance.


CSCL Indian Ocean: Tens of millions
CSCL Indian Ocean is one of the largest container ships in the world, with the capacity to transport nearly twenty thousand containers. In 2016, it was stuck at the bottom of the Elbe River in the German city of Hamburg, despite the appropriate height of the river due to the flood, and rescue ships were unable to liberate it until several days later. The ship’s operator’s insurance company has paid for the re-liberation costs of tens of millions of euros.

MSC Chitra: Controversy over $ 66M
After colliding with another ship, the MSC Chitra on August 8, 2010, seriously tilted off the coast of Mumbai, causing the loss of about 300 cargo containers. But the ship did not sink, and months later it was sunk in international waters. The port management authorities demanded the owner company to pay compensation amounting to about 5 billion rupees (about 66 million dollars) due to the pollution it caused, as tons of oil products leaked from it. The dispute over compensation continues until now.

Rena: In compensation, $ 38 million
Not much was left of the cargo ship “RINA” in October 2011 after colliding with coral reefs off the coast of New Zealand, as it quickly split into two and separated from each other. Nothing was left of the ship except its bow after the rest of the parts were sunk with the containers it was carrying. In 2012, the ship’s owner agreed to pay compensation of $ 38 million to the company that removed the ship’s waste from the water.

MSC Naples: approximately $ 165 million
In 2007 the cargo ship MSC Naples lost part of its cargo after it ran aground off the coast of southern England. This resulted in the beautiful “Sidmouth” beach in Devon becoming a landfill. The beach cleaning and disposal work took more than two and a half years, and the damage amounted to 120 million pounds (about $ 165 million) paid by the owner company and the insurance company.


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