Monday, May 10, 2021

Snowden is selling crypto NFT for $ 5.5 million

A report of Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the US National Security Agency (NSA), has revealed that the NFT has sold about $ 5.4 million in cryptocurrency tokens, according to the verege.

The encrypted piece of art bears the name Stay Free, and is represented in a group of pages of the court ruling that recognized the unlawfulness of the extensive surveillance practices carried out by the US National Security Agency (NSA), which Snowden had revealed to the world in 2014, and these documents were arranged so that Snowden’s face appears, According to Engadget.

“Emerging applications of coding can play an important role in upholding our rights,” Snowden said in a statement issued by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. “This auction will develop valuable and privacy-protected uses of cryptography, to protect press freedom and serve the public.”

Snowden announced, in a tweet on his official Twitter account, that the sale of his encrypted art piece is directed directly to the International Press Freedom Foundation, which he chairs.

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