Saturday, January 29, 2022

Mina Suvari gives birth to her first child from husband Michael Hope

American actress Mina Suvary confirmed that she gave birth to her first child from her husband Michael Hope earlier this month.

The parents named their child Alexander Hope.

“The child and the mother are in very good health,” Suvari’s agent confirmed to People magazine.

Suvary, the 42-year-old star of “Romer Has It” and “American Beauty,” spoke to People magazine last year about her struggle to conceive.

The actress explained at that time that she was expecting pregnancy, but it did not happen when she was waiting for it, which caused her to feel exhausted and stressed.

She added that she learned that she was pregnant after she calmed down a bit and stopped focusing on pregnancy.

“I had to learn to deal differently with my appetite and sleep habits and not push myself to seek help – all of these things are difficult for an independent woman!” She said.

And although the couple, who married in 2018, hoped to build their family, Suvari admitted that the pregnancy was a surprise. Suvary and her husband Hope decided last year to actively begin trying to conceive – and what followed were months of emotional turmoil that were met with some kind of disappointment.

“I am 41 years old and there is always the feeling that I have grown a lot and close to death, and then the feeling of good luck and the possibility of pregnancy,” Suvari said at the time that the pressure was great because of her age, noting that Suvari back down from expecting pregnancy.

Suvari added that she was tired of focusing on the matter of pregnancy and thus feeling nervous and began to focus on her work, as she traveled to Georgia in mid-July to photograph artwork, and there was a surprise when she discovered that she was pregnant.

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