Thursday, April 22, 2021

The mummies transport event embodies the true meaning of merging tourism and archeology

Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the celebration of the transfer of royal mummies is a historical archaeological event, and fully embodies the meaning of the true merger between tourism and antiquities, indicating that the ceremony of transferring mummies has fulfilled its purpose at the global and local level, adding that President El-Sisi received the kings of Egypt The great was a wonderful cultural manifestation and a strong message and a sense of pride for every Egyptian citizen, and entering Egypt every home in the world is an honorable thing for everyone, stressing that he wrote the film “The Egypt of Civilization” in his handwriting with the artist Khaled El Nabawy and the company.

And Al-Anani continued, during a telephone interview in the ninth program broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One and presented by the media, Youssef Al-Husseini, that nearly twenty meetings were held regarding preparations for the inauguration ceremony of the Grand Egyptian Museum, indicating that the citizen will not accept after that a “text-text celebration” and this is what We did it to ourselves, stressing that the outlines of the opening ceremony of the Grand Egyptian Museum that will take place in the coming months, indicating that between twenty-two foreign companies were chosen to organize the opening ceremony, but after seeing what an Egyptian company presented in terms of dazzling at the ceremony of transferring mummies, He recounts his accounts once again, adding that the Director-General of UNESCO praised the film, Egypt, Civilization, and the dazzling mummies transfer ceremony.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities continued that he received the Director-General of UNESCO with President El-Sisi, after which they went to Alexandria Governorate to see the effects of the governorate, and after that they went to Aswan Governorate for tourism investment and promotion between Egypt and the organization, adding that work is now underway to produce a movie behind the scenes of the mummies transport ceremony.


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