Saturday, January 29, 2022

The German “Rosberg X Racing” crowned the “Extreme E” title in Saudi Arabia

The first race in the history of the “Extreme E” series of electric SUVs, which was hosted by the Kingdom over two days, concluded in the Saudi Al-Ula governorate, on Sunday, with the participation of 9 international teams.

The German “Rosberg X Racing” team, made up of Sweden’s Johan Kristofferson, and Australian Molly Taylor, was crowned the “Extreme E” racing title.

Andretti United, represented by Swedish driver Timmy Hansen and Britain’s Kitty Munning, came second, and X44, represented by French rally champion Sebastian Loeb and Spanish driver Christina Gutierrez, came third.

The race was held over a period of two days, with the participation of 18 riders representing 9 international teams, in the event organized by the Saudi Ministry of Sports in cooperation with the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

The final round of the race took place amid great competition, starting with the first semi-final round, as the “Rosberg X Racing” and “X44” teams qualified before “Rosenberg” decided their presence in the final, while the “Andretti United” team qualified from the semi-finals. The second final called “The Crazy Race”, in which the “fourth, fifth, and sixth” of the qualifying rounds completed.

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