Saturday, January 29, 2022

Stopping filming of the series “The King” and forming a committee to review it historically

The United Company for Media Services in Egypt announced that it has stopped filming the series “The King”, which has sparked great controversy and criticism recently, and that an urgent committee has been formed to review it and express an opinion on the validity of these criticisms.

Al-Mutahidah clarified in a statement that a committee will be formed from a group of “specialists in history, archeology, and sociology, to view what was filmed and review the entire scenario to express an objective and professional opinion about what was raised about the existence of historical inaccuracies, even if this results in not presenting it in the coming Ramadan.”

All the heroes of the work remained silent, at the request of the producer, while sources revealed to Al-Sharq within the producing company that the production cost of the work reached 40 million Egyptian pounds (about 630 million US dollars), and that the re-filming in the event the committee decided that there were serious mistakes May double the cost.

“The King” is taken from the novel “A Good Struggle” by the late international writer Naguib Mahfouz, and its events revolve around the story of King Ahmose and his struggle to liberate Egypt from the Hyksos.

Earlier, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, expressed his anger at the details of the series “The King” that appeared in the scenes of the advertisement, from the decoration to the costumes and weapons, describing them by saying: “All things are wrong.”

Hawass stressed to Al Sharq, the need to “be careful in implementing these types of works,” explaining that “the author has the right to use his imagination in the series he writes, but in this series, the situation is slightly different as it is a dramatic work whose events are inspired by historical stories.” .

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