Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Parade of Mummies: Kings of Ancient Egypt set off in the streets of Cairo

On Saturday evening, the streets of the Egyptian capital Cairo witnessed the launch of the unprecedented “royal procession”, to transport the mummies of 18 kings and 4 queens from the era of the Pharaohs, among them Ramses II, the Third, Hatshepsut, Seknen Ra, Thutmose III, Seti I, Mert Amun, and Ahmose Nefertari, From the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, downtown Cairo.

The opening of the Museum of Civilization
And President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi gave the signal to start the procession, from inside the National Museum of Civilization in the Fustat region, the first Islamic capital of Egypt.

Al-Sisi opened the museum completely, after its partial opening in 2017, and the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled Al-Anani, gave an explanation to the President about the museum and its contents and gave him the first ticket to visit the museum, explaining that the tickets will be booked electronically and that the museum consists of 3 floors, one of them For management and restoration, the second contains museum exhibition halls, confirming the opening of the museum to the public on April 18.

After the museum’s inauguration, a documentary film entitled “The Egypt of Civilization” was shown about the most prominent antiquities development projects during the past years, which reported the opening of more than 20 museums and the restoration of more than 100 archaeological sites.

After the opening of the museum, Al-Anani announced the succession of openings during the coming period, indicating the progress of work in the Muhammad Ali Palace in Cairo, and the Rams Road in Luxor, in addition to preparing for the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in the presence of a number of world leaders

Al-Anani pointed out that the procession of mummies, in which 4 heroes participated, the first being the mummies themselves that were previously transferred more than once before, including transporting them from their original cemeteries to a cache in times of weakness of the old international, then to the Bulaq Museum in Cairo, and from there to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square He explained that the second hero is the Museum of Civilization, and the third is the Egyptian Museum, which was inaugurated in 1902, and will return to its splendor during the coming period, while the fourth hero is Cairo itself with its history and civilization.

President  Elsisi receives the motorcade
Before the start of the procession, President El-Sisi expressed, through his Twitter account, that he looked forward “with all pride and pride to receive the kings and queens of Egypt after their journey from the Egyptian Museum to Tahrir to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.”

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