Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Real Madrid wins a clean double over Eibar and clinches the top spot in the Spanish League

Real Madrid resumed their start in the Spanish Football League championship after the international break with a precious 2-0 victory over Eibar today, Saturday, in the 29th stage of the competition, which today also witnessed Villarreal’s 3-0 victory over Granada.

With this victory, Real prepared well on the technical and moral levels for its highly anticipated match against Liverpool, next Tuesday, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-eight.

Real raised its score to 63 points, to advance to second place in the competition table temporarily, one point ahead of Barcelona and three points behind Atletico Madrid.

Eibar stuck at 23 points, in the nineteenth place penultimate.

Real ended the first half in their favor with a clean goal scored by Marco Asensio in the 41st minute, and Karim Benzema added the second goal in the 73rd minute.

Gerrard Moreno scored a hat-trick that led Villarreal to victory over Granada 3/0.

Villarreal raised its score to 46 points in fifth place, and Granada’s balance stuck at 36 points in eighth place.

Moreno scored the three goals for Villarreal in the ninth, 18, and 60 minutes, and the first and third goals came from two penalties.

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