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Month: April 2021

Toyota introduces 15 new electric cars by 2025

Toyota announced the launch of 15 models of battery-powered electric cars worldwide by 2025, to expand the company’s electric vehicle lineup to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050.

The company said it would increase the number of its electric models to about 70 from the 55 currently on the market.

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp. indicated a shift in its stance on climate change on Monday, saying it would review its pressure and be more transparent about the steps it is taking, as it faces increasing pressure from environmental activists and investors.
The automaker came under scrutiny after siding with the Trump administration in 2019 in an effort to stop California from setting its own fuel-efficiency rules. “We will review the public policy participation activities through our company and industry associations to ensure that they are in line with the long-term goals of the Paris climate agreement,” Toyota said in a statement, adding that the measures will be announced by the end of this year.

The automaker also confirmed that it “will strive to provide more information so that stakeholders can understand its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.”

Four funds with asset management are pressuring about $ 235 billion on Toyota ahead of its annual shareholder meeting in June to support international efforts to prevent global warming.
“This move should not be a PR exercise, but rather it signals a clear end to its role in the negative climate pressure that has given it a backward status,” CEO of the Danish Pension Fund AkademikerPension told Reuters.

A Danish pension fund spokesman, Troels Boreleld, said AkademikerPension will consider preparing a shareholder resolution to present at next year’s annual general meeting if “Toyota fails to fulfill its obligations”. The fund will consider selling its Toyota holdings if there is no change, but the spokesman said the fund officials did not think it would reach this point.

Munch Holst noted that “thus far, the company has repeatedly undermined climate action, from opposing the UK government’s ban on internal combustion engines by 2030 to opposing auto fuel economy standards in the United States.”

A Toyota spokeswoman told Reuters it would need more time to respond to Munch Holst’s comments. Other investors are the Church of England Pensions Board, Swedish AP7, and Norwegian Storebrand (STB.OL).

Kate Winslet is proud to have her daughter start an acting career

British actress, Kate Winslet, has expressed her pride in her daughter Mia Thrillton, who started her acting career on her own.

The 45-year-old Oscar-winning star said in statements to the British TV program “Lauren”: “She is now 20 years old and acting .. It is really wonderful,” adding that Mia is currently in the Czech Republic to act on a TV series.

She added, “It is wonderful for her to have a different family name than me, and thus she became unattended … The people who chose her did not know that she was my daughter, and of course, that was very important in her self-esteem.”

The Hollywood star stated that she “had always predicted” that her daughter would one day follow in her footsteps, and said, “Then a few years ago she said she would just give her a try.”

Strange water “monsters” … Hippos, famous drug leader Pablo Escobar, swim freely in Colombia

After the death of famous drug leader Pablo Escobar in 1993, the hippos that belonged to him were left unattended and began to breed around the Magdalena River in Colombia. About five years ago, once the first hippo was seen here in the Magdalena River, tourists and people came to the river with great curiosity to try to see this very strange monster in Colombia. Therefore, Isabel Romero created this new project of running a cruise line on the river to see the local animals, but also to see hippos.

Why Bayern Munich and Paris refuse to participate in the European Super League?

The announcement of the European Super League championship is still the event that takes center stage in the media, and there are dozens of questions that are asked every minute, including; Why did Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain not sign the agreement like most of the big clubs?

The clubs participating in the European Super League championship from UEFA have been officially confirmed, and the number of 12 clubs will be founders of the competition in which 20 clubs will participate when it starts, namely Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from Spain, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool from England, and finally Milan, Inter and Juventus from Italy.

What has surprised many is that Bayern Munich, the German football giant, and Paris Saint-Germain, who dominates French football, has not joined recently in this rebellious competition. Rather, the International and European Federations extended special thanks to the German League and French League clubs, headed by Paris and Bayern, for not participating in the big club association.

The most famous ship accidents .. How much were the costs and compensation?

Ever given: Claims $ 900 million in compensation
The “Ever given” ship stranded in the Suez Canal caused disruption of navigation for six days until it was finally floated. Egypt seized the ship, demanding the owner company pay 900 million dollars in compensation, amid continuing talks between the two sides. The Suez Canal Authority had said that it lost between 12 and 15 million dollars a day as a result of the accident. The cost of disrupting navigation on global trade ranges from 6 to 10 billion dollars, according to “Allianz” Insurance.


CSCL Indian Ocean: Tens of millions
CSCL Indian Ocean is one of the largest container ships in the world, with the capacity to transport nearly twenty thousand containers. In 2016, it was stuck at the bottom of the Elbe River in the German city of Hamburg, despite the appropriate height of the river due to the flood, and rescue ships were unable to liberate it until several days later. The ship’s operator’s insurance company has paid for the re-liberation costs of tens of millions of euros.

MSC Chitra: Controversy over $ 66M
After colliding with another ship, the MSC Chitra on August 8, 2010, seriously tilted off the coast of Mumbai, causing the loss of about 300 cargo containers. But the ship did not sink, and months later it was sunk in international waters. The port management authorities demanded the owner company to pay compensation amounting to about 5 billion rupees (about 66 million dollars) due to the pollution it caused, as tons of oil products leaked from it. The dispute over compensation continues until now.

Rena: In compensation, $ 38 million
Not much was left of the cargo ship “RINA” in October 2011 after colliding with coral reefs off the coast of New Zealand, as it quickly split into two and separated from each other. Nothing was left of the ship except its bow after the rest of the parts were sunk with the containers it was carrying. In 2012, the ship’s owner agreed to pay compensation of $ 38 million to the company that removed the ship’s waste from the water.

MSC Naples: approximately $ 165 million
In 2007 the cargo ship MSC Naples lost part of its cargo after it ran aground off the coast of southern England. This resulted in the beautiful “Sidmouth” beach in Devon becoming a landfill. The beach cleaning and disposal work took more than two and a half years, and the damage amounted to 120 million pounds (about $ 165 million) paid by the owner company and the insurance company.


“SpaceX” contracts with “NASA” to build a lander on the moon worth $ 2.9 billion

SpaceX, owned by American businessman Elon Musk, has won a contract worth $ 2.89 billion from NASA to build a spacecraft that will land astronauts on the surface of the moon, in one of the most prominent commercial space race awards.

On Friday, NASA chose the rocket company, SpaceX, as the sole contractor to build its next lunar probe, and to conduct one exploratory visit to the moon, most likely by 2024.

SpaceX, owned by American businessman Elon Musk, has won a contract worth $ 2.89 billion from NASA to build a spacecraft that will land astronauts on the surface of the moon, in one of the most prominent commercial space race awards.

On Friday, NASA chose the rocket company, SpaceX, as the sole contractor to build its next lunar probe, and to conduct one exploratory visit to the moon, most likely by 2024.

SpaceX has offered to build and operate its landing craft for $ 2.9 billion, which is “significantly” less than the bid of a competitor from Bezos Blue Origin missile company, affiliated with billionaire Jeff Bezos, according to the Financial Times, citing a document. NASA. ”

According to the newspaper, the selection of “NASA” as a sole contractor for the most important elements of its space program reflects the severe budgetary pressures under which the agency is working, as it is trying to return to the moon for the first time since 1972.

“We awarded the contract to SpaceX in view of what we believe are realistic budgets in the coming years,” said agency official Mark Kyrasisch.

Besides pioneering a new era of fixed-cost commercial space programs for NASA, SpaceX was the first to transport cargo to the International Space Station. And last year, human spaceflight returned to US soil for the first time since 2011, when it received “NASA” astronauts, to the International Space Station.

NASA officials said they are embarking on a review of how to maintain their competitiveness in light of the development of human landers, including a round of consultations with the rest of the commercial space industry, noting that the discussions are designed to lead to a “sustainable” series of visits to the moon. In the wake of SpaceX’s only test landing.

Although SpaceX plans to eventually use the spacecraft on a full flight between Earth and Mars, its role in the landing announced, Friday, will only be to transport two astronauts from orbit around the moon to the surface before returning them.

This mission is part of NASA’s Artemis program, which will use the giant SLS rocket, developed by Boeing, along with the Orion spacecraft from Lockheed Martin, to transport astronauts to and from a “gateway” in orbit. Around the moon.

The newspaper reported that “SpaceX” has suffered a number of accidents this year in its first efforts to prove its ability to land safely in spacecraft.

Two victims in a new accident of a self-driving Tesla car

On Monday, two people were killed when their Tesla car collided with a tree on the road near the American city of Houston, which caused the car to ignite and the occupants died, and it took the firefighting forces 3 hours to control the fire.

While the investigations continue, initial reports confirmed that the Tesla car battery continued to re-ignite whenever the firefighters extinguished its fire, and the firefighting forces contacted the electric car company to find a quick way to control the ignition of its battery car.

According to KHOU, investigators have determined that there was no person behind the wheel during the accident, and one passenger was in the seat next to the driver’s seat, while the other person was in the back seat.

The initial reports of the investigations indicated that the car was traveling at a high speed, and it failed to turn due to its speed, which led to its departure from the road and colliding directly with a tree.

Initial reports have not yet confirmed whether the AutoPilot automated driving assistant was activated before the accident or not, and this will become clear with the progress of the investigation process.

Tesla did not comment on the incident yet, as it had canceled its public relations sector, which was responsible for communicating with the media.

Iraq rejects a Chinese offer to buy Exxon Mobil’s stake in West Qurna

The director-general of reservoirs at the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Muhammad Al-Aboudi, confirmed that the ministry was in talks with American companies to agree to buy Exxon Mobil’s share in one of the country’s largest fields, indicating that it had rejected a Chinese offer for this purpose.

In statements to Al-Sharq, Al-Aboudi said that a Chinese company submitted a request to buy Exxon Mobil’s 32.7% stake in the field, but the Iraqi government refused and demanded a two-month delay before accepting any offer submitted by other Chinese companies.

According to Al-Aboudi, this is due to the Ministry of Oil’s desire that the alternative to the American company is Western or American companies so that dealing with Chinese and Russian companies is not restricted to the field.

He pointed out that the withdrawal of “ExxonMobil” will not in any way affect the work in the field or its production capacity. It is likely that the ministry will buy the company’s share and assign a local company to work in the field.

This announcement comes at a time when Iraq suffers from an economic crisis imposed by the Corona pandemic, and the decisions of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, calling for a reduction in oil production.

Snowden is selling crypto NFT for $ 5.5 million

A report of Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the US National Security Agency (NSA), has revealed that the NFT has sold about $ 5.4 million in cryptocurrency tokens, according to the verege.

The encrypted piece of art bears the name Stay Free, and is represented in a group of pages of the court ruling that recognized the unlawfulness of the extensive surveillance practices carried out by the US National Security Agency (NSA), which Snowden had revealed to the world in 2014, and these documents were arranged so that Snowden’s face appears, According to Engadget.

“Emerging applications of coding can play an important role in upholding our rights,” Snowden said in a statement issued by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. “This auction will develop valuable and privacy-protected uses of cryptography, to protect press freedom and serve the public.”

Snowden announced, in a tweet on his official Twitter account, that the sale of his encrypted art piece is directed directly to the International Press Freedom Foundation, which he chairs.

Young people are a victim of the second wave of Corona in India

In India, the number of young people and children who have claimed their lives a new wave of the Coronavirus is sweeping the country, according to what was reported by the French Press Agency, “Agence France Presse,” Sunday.

Some doctors suggest that the reason why people under the age of 45 are more vulnerable is that they go out to work and eat meals outside the home more than those who are older, but there is no conclusive evidence for this.

Young adults may be more susceptible to a new mutated version known as a “double mutation” found in 60% of samples in Maharashtra, which is the hardest hit.

India swept through a new epidemic wave, resulting in a million confirmed infections, within a week, and shook the authorities.

And officials in India at the beginning of the year believed that the country had defeated the epidemic, amid the launch of a massive vaccination campaign.

Residents neglected the wearing of masks and social distancing, with huge crowds taking part in religious festivals and election rallies.

But in hospitals, doctors sounded the alarm against the background of the high number of cases, amid a new phenomenon represented by the admission of more young people to hospitals, due to their infection with the disease, which has always been considered more dangerous for the older groups.

Children in hospitals
And in a country where 65% of the population is under 35 years old, there is growing concern about the impact of the epidemic on young people.

New Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal reported that 65% of new patients are under the age of 45.

While the Indian Medical Research Agency does not have a demographic classification of cases, doctors in major cities confirm that more young patients are being transferred to hospitals.

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