Thursday, April 22, 2021

“Neon” is the delight of the catwalks

Neon colors in fashion designs achieved great success in the era of the eighties and became synonymous with the most attractive and elegant looks that dominated the capitals of international fashion and formed a large part of cinematic fashion during the eighties.

And its spread increased, especially among teenagers, after its arrival in the world of television. She entered the world of fashion through the wide door to become a staple of modern fashions, including windbreakers and plastic shoes.

Some designers were also famous for using neon colors in their swimwear designs, and the positive circumstances during that era inspired others to introduce neon colors to the world of high fashion. It took another decade for neon to become familiar.

In fact, these colors were chosen as an effective visual ploy to attract attention, adopted by a number of fashion designers to enhance their image, and today it is once again occupying the international exhibition stands with a variety of designs that are characterized by lightness and flow.

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