Thursday, April 22, 2021

“Continental GT Speed” … is more dynamic than “Bentley”

“Bentley Motors” revealed some details of its new “Continental GT Speed” car, which is the most dynamic in the history of “Bentley”, which extends over 101 years, and it is the perfect expression of a performance-focused luxury car.

The new third-generation is distinguished by being carefully designed, engineered, developed, and handcrafted in the carbon-neutral Bentley factory for the production of luxury cars. It builds on the long-standing traditions of the various Speed ​​versions and raises them to greater levels.

The famous first-generation Continental GT Speed ​​was introduced in 2007 and was inspired by the 3-Liter Speed ​​models from the 1920s. The latest model from the Continental GT Speed ​​continues to have the same heritage characteristics and embodies the perfect combination of luxury and performance in the design of a high-performance luxury car.

Dr. Mathias Raab, Board Member of Bentley Motors, said: For engineering: The new Continental GT Speed ​​is the pinnacle of luxury, high-performance driving. This new model is the strongest expression of the Continental GT’s values ​​of thrill and high dynamism and is full of unique Speed ​​details to enhance the ownership experience and give customers more control over the car’s personality.

He added: The world’s most luxurious high-performance car is already more capable than ever before, and it has a new sporty feature that will attract drivers interested in high performance. Speed ​​is the latest chapter in the Continental GT story and helps Bentley customers create their own extraordinary rides.

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