Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Very cheap … a Chinese electric car grabs the limelight from Tesla

A Chinese electric car snatched the lights from the Tesla Model 3 vehicle to become the best-selling vehicle on the planet in January, for its irresistible price of $ 4,500.

According to the US news site Axios, the success surprised the manufacturer of the car, “CGMW”, a joint venture between “General Motors” Shanghai auto manufacturer and “Woolig Motors” company, as it was expected that the same car “Hong Gong” would be sold. The four-seater is about 3,000 per month, and sales exceeded 36,000 in January. More than 200,000 vehicles have been reported to have been purchased from them since production began last summer.

The source reports that the Chinese electric car is narrow for four people, and it lacks Tesla vehicle’s battery range (105 miles) and performance (top speed 62 mph), but its convenience and low price attract Chinese consumers.

An executive at Wooling Motors told the China Daily that most of the buyers are younger women in small cities, and that may be because it is being marketed not as a car but as design clothes, with fun new colors being introduced to its look.

This is while the company is also planning to unveil co-branded cars, with big names such as “Nike” and “Disney”.

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