Saturday, January 29, 2022

International Theater Day … control of virtual shows and mourning the absence of the audience

The world’s celebration of the International Day of Theater (March 27) this year comes a year after the curtain was dropped on the logs around the globe, as a result of the Corona epidemic that afflicted the sector with historical losses that the “father of arts” did not experience since the Spanish flu crisis in 1918.

This global artistic event, which falls on next Saturday, coincides with a discussion and reflection on the meaning of theater, its forms, its new doors and the identity of its audience, in light of the influence of virtual shows at the expense of live performances, which is the issue that Al Sharq discussed with the plays and academies underwent the virtual experiences imposed by the epidemic In the world, and they agreed on the different schools to which they belong, that “nothing compares to looking into the eyes of the public and directly interacting with them on stage.” And they predicted that after the coronavirus recedes, the public will be hungry for live performances.

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