Tuesday, April 20, 2021

304 million euros is the expenses of Real Madrid to compensate for the departure of Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s expenditures have so far reached 304 million euros to strengthen its attacking streak, after the departure of the Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo to the Italian club Juventus in July 2018.

Despite all the huge money that was directed to buy 6 players over the course of 3 seasons, the Spanish team did not succeed in compensating for Ronaldo’s absence, as the voices are currently rising to seek to restore him to the Real Castle despite his 36-year pass.

After the departure of Ronaldo, the Real Madrid administration contracted with the Belgian Eden Hazard for 115 million euros, and Hazard only managed to score 4 goals, and it also contracted with the Brazilian Vincius, a deal estimated at 45 million euros, while he only scored 13 goals with the team, then with the Serbian Luka Jovic. For 60 million euros, he only scored two goals before he was loaned to Eintracht Frankfurt, and the Brazilian Rodrigo was contracted for 45 million euros, who scored only 8 goals, and the Spaniard Mariano Diaz with a deal worth 22 million euros while he did not score only 6 goals, then His compatriot Brahim Diaz, who has 17 million euros, has only scored two goals.

By calculating all the previous goals of the “6” players who were hired to compensate for the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the total amounts to 35 goals, while the average goals of Cristiano Ronaldo alone remain more than 50 goals per season. Real Madrid is currently third in the Spanish League table with 60 points, after Atletico Madrid, the first with 66 points, and Barcelona, ​​second with 62 points.

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