Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The instant communication service “Telegram” launched a new platform for voice chats “Voice Chats 2.0”, with updates and unique features, to be able to compete with the rising voice service ClubHouse, as well as the Twitter service “Spaces”.

The second generation of the audio platform comes with a new set of advantages, which is the ability to open voice discussions within “channels” and groups, with an unlimited number of participants. Group and channel founders and supervisors can also record live discussions to share or post later.

Telegram also borrowed a feature from “Club House”, which is to organize live audio discussions, by asking participants to request the word by “raising a hand”, to be authorized by the supervisors.

The new update also allows for separate invitation links to be created for attendees and speakers in audio discussions. And it became easy to change the title of the audio discussions so that the participants could know their topics.

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