Saturday, October 16, 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon maintains the revenue lead

“Raya and the Last Dragon”, “Raya and the Last Dragon,” did not lose its top spot in terms of revenue for the third week in a row, topping $ 5.2 million over the weekend.

And the animated movie produced by Disney, and focuses on a fairy tale about the sacrifice of the dragon faction with their faction to save humans in an imagined kingdom, but the evil creatures hear about the presence of a final dragon to seek to uncover his hideout and liquidate him as well, so that the heroine of the film, Raya Al-Jamil, supports the last dragon, but the endings always open.

The film’s income was not limited to the United States, as it raised another 8 million dollars abroad by showing it in 29 countries, bringing its total global revenues to 71 million dollars.

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