Tuesday, April 20, 2021

$ 55 Million Rights to The Pale Blue Eye

On the stardom of stardom, actor Christian Bale rose and settled to the highest levels, establishing his name as one of the stars who mastered the game of acting, and knew well its secrets. Bell is so skilled at wearing the masks of the characters he embodies, so much so that you think at first glance, it’s part of his true personality, the Batman spectrum still dominates his list.

As he embodied the character professionally in many films, most of which received the admiration of the audience and critics alike, and every time he appeared, his name rose high to embrace the sky, and the spectrum of the character “serial killer Patrick Bateman” who wore his mask in the psychological thriller “Dysfunctional” is still American »(American Psycho) directed by Mary Aaron, accompanies him.

It is the film that launched his stardom so that he could shine after him in providing psychological thriller films. It is impossible to overlook his characters in the films “American fraud” by David or Russell, and “The Big Short” and also the movie “The Fighter” for which he won an Oscar. Best Supporting Actor.

Big deal

Competition for the rights to the movie “The Pale Blue Eye” seemed high in the European film market, as the deal ultimately went to Netflix, which paid for the rights to the film $ 55 million, to reunite Christian Bale with director Scott Cooper for the third time on In a row, where their last project was the movie “Hostiles”, which they presented in 2017, and at the time, it achieved $ 35 million in revenue.

Netflix’s completion of this deal seemed remarkable to everyone, as it opened eyes to the future network’s steps, through which it aims to present “heavy weight” productions, taking advantage of the “weight” of the names accompanying the group of films that it obtained. Before this film, it had obtained On the rights to the movie “The Ice Road” starring Liam Neeson, hoping that she will add it in the coming period to her list.

The movie Deadline website quoted director Scott Cooper as saying: “Although Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston and died with a delirium in Baltimore, he spent most of his life in my home in Virginia, so I grew up in his presence, We have inherited the police genre, and such a presence is still in our culture. Every writer of horror, mystery and science fiction owes Poe. ”

Pointing out that he had always wanted to implement this film. He said, “For more than 10 years, I wanted to make this film, and it is my luck that Christian has advanced in age, in a way that suits the nature of the main character. He was young when I first thought about working on this project, so I think the films Show in time ».

So far, this film has not been fully disclosed, as Christian Bale has been crowned a star, while his filming work is expected to begin in the fall, after Christian Bale has finished completely with the films “David or Russell” and (Thor: Love). And Thunder), in order to be dedicated to this work, about which Scott Cooper said he would personally write the script.

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