Saturday, October 16, 2021

Liverpool shake off the dust of its crisis and qualify for the quarter-finals

Liverpool shaken off the dust of its domestic crisis and passed the team deservedly into the quarter-finals of the Champions League, with a precious 2-0 victory over Leipzig, Germany, on Wednesday, in the second leg of the second round (round of sixteen) of the tournament.

The match was held yesterday at the Puskas Arena in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, which is the stadium that hosted the first-leg match between the two teams, in light of travel restrictions and procedures applied in Germany due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Liverpool overcame the absences he was suffering from in his ranks and the crisis that the team suffers from at the local level this season, and joined the convoy of qualifiers for the quarter-finals in the Champions League.

The only real chance in the first minutes was Leipzig in the tenth minute, and Danny Olmo ended it with a shot by Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker.

Liverpool was lucky in a quick and dangerous attack, from which Thiago Alcantara passed the ball longitudinally to Mohamed Salah, who launched the ball behind the Leipzig defender and then shot it strong from inside the penalty area, but the goalkeeper blocked it and Sadio Mane failed to follow and Salah again hit the net.

The situation did not change much in the second half, as the performance remained a controversy between the two teams, although the changes made by Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of Ibbesj in the team’s ranks, raised some improvement in the performance of the team.

Despite this, Mohamed Salah eliminated Leipzig’s hopes in the overturning of the final result of the match in his favor, with Salah scoring the lead in the 70th minute.

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