Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Porto beats Juventus in an exciting match

Despite the numerical shortage in its ranks since the 54th minute, Porto spent the dream of its Italian host Juventus to win the Champions League title for the first time since 1996 and eliminated it from the final eight-round for the second season in a row, despite the loss to it 2-3 after the extension Tuesday in Turin.

The Portuguese team, the champion of the competition for the years 1987 and 2004, won the first leg at home 2-1, and decided to qualify for the quarter-finals thanks to the two goals scored by Sergio Oliveira in the 19 minutes from a penalty kick and 115, which complicated the task of Juventus, who left the competition from the same round last season. By losing 1-0 to Lyon in the away match, before winning back 2-1, so that the card belonged to his opponent for scoring a goal outside his stadium.

After ending the first half behind with Oliveira’s goal, Juventus returned to the atmosphere of the confrontation thanks to Federico Chiesa, who scored two goals in the second half (49 and 63), and imposed two additional games with a numerical advantage for his team after the dismissal of Iranian Mehdi Tarmi in the 54th minute.

But Oliveira dealt a knockout blow to the owners of the land by striking a draw in the 115th minute to make the Italian champion’s third goal through Frenchman Adrian Rabio (117) to no avail.
Juventus will have to wait another season in order to try to win the title, which it is chasing after it since its second and last coronation in 1996, noting that it has lost five finals since 1997, 1998, 2003, 2015 and 2017.

History did not spare Juventus in his confrontations with Porto in Turin at the level of the ancient continental competition, as he defeated the Portuguese team 3-1 in the group stage in 2001, then 1-0 in the second leg of the final price in 2017, two results that would have given him the quarter-final card Tuesday if He succeeded in achieving either of them, but he failed, which will increase pressure on his new coach, former star Andrea Pirlo, especially as the team is seriously threatened with relinquishing the league title as well, since it is 10 points behind leaders Inter.

After Pirlo rested him in Saturday’s league match against Lazio (3-1), Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the Juventus squad to play in the front line alongside Spain’s Alvaro Morata, while central defender Leonardo Bonucci and Brazilian midfielder Arthur played two key players for the first time a month later. They recovered from the injury.

On the other side, and after they were suspicious of their participation due to injury, the center of the defense, captain Pepe and Mexican midfielder Jes فيs Corona were in the Porto squad, so that the team would thus compete in the same line-up for the first-leg match.

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