Saturday, January 29, 2022

Nomadland and Rocks top BAFTA nominations

The films “Nomadland” and “Rocks” received the lion’s share of the British “BAFTA” nominations with 7 nominations for each, according to the list announced by the British Film Organization, which was more diverse than last year.

“Nomadland”, which deals with the “hippies” group of contemporaries touring the United States in their buses, was nominated in the Best Film category, more than a week after it was awarded a “Golden Globe”.

He is competing with “The Father”, starring Anthony Hopkins, about the story of an elderly woman suffering from dementia, and with “The Mauritanian” for a fierce lawyer who is defending a Mauritanian who was unjustly accused by the United States of terrorism and arrested over 14 years in Guantanamo, in addition to “Promising young woman” and “The Trail of the Chicago Seven” dramatic film.

“Nomadland” succeeded in winning the award for best drama, while its American director Chloe Gao, 38, became the second woman in the history of Golden Globe awards to receive the best director award after Barbara Streisand in 1984.

Nomadland’s only professional actress, Frances McDormand, was nominated for Best Actress, knowing that she is also the producer of the film.

British Sarah Gavron’s film “Rocks” was also nominated for seven awards, which deals with the story of a 15-year-old London teenager who has been abandoned by her mother and her younger brother, but her friends support her. Gavron previously directed “Brick Lane”, “Suffragette”.

The film’s heroine, Baki Bakri, is also seeking to win the Best Actress award, while her colleague Kawthar Ali competes in the Best Supporting Actress category.

And it received 6 nominations each from “Mank”, a black and white film about the golden age of Hollywood, and “Minari”, which deals with the story of an American family of South Korean origin who moves to the countryside in pursuit of a new life, in addition to “The Father” and ” Promising Yang Women. “

Last year, the list of “BAFTA” nominations for the British Academy Film Awards was subject to criticism for its lack of diversity, as it did not include any actors of color in the four main categories, nor any woman in the best director category.

This prompted the organizers to make adjustments to the selection mechanism in all categories, with the aim of achieving greater diversity in nominations.

This year, the selections included 4 women among the six nominees for the Best Director Award: Gao for “Nomadland”, Australian Chanan Murphy for “Baby Teeth” and Bosnian Yasmila Zpanic for “Covadis, Aida?” Qud Vadis, Aida and British Sarah Gavron on “The Rocks”.

In the best actor category, the list included British-born Pakistani Riz Ahmed, French-Algerian-born Taher Rahim and black-American actor Chadwick Bozeman, who died months ago.

The organizers decided to increase the number of candidates this year in the Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress categories to 6 instead of five.

The names of the winners are expected to be announced on April 11, 2021, in a ceremony held without an audience due to the Corona pandemic.

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