Saturday, January 29, 2022

“7en” is an Emirati film full of social and humanitarian stories

Emirati director Saeed Rashid Saeed has finally finished shooting his first feature film entitled “7en”, which he also produced, composed his story, and wrote the script for the film, which is classified within the contemporary drama and mystery films, and its events take place in a social and humanitarian context dealing with the life of a young man in his thirty years of age. He returns to the family home after a long absence, with feelings of suspicion, certainty, love, and hatred intertwining, with the passage events many secrets and small details emerge surrounding the work figures in his previous life, in which he worked as a university teacher of philosophical sciences.

The movie scenes were filmed in Al Ain in various internal and external locations, and it starred: Coachedan, Suhaib Abdullah, Hoda Radwan, and other young artists, and the Emirati actress Hoda Al-Ghanem participated in a special appearance in the film.

It is noteworthy that Saeed Rashid Saeed, director, and screenwriter, was born in the city of Abu Dhabi since his childhood was inspired by the power of imagination as he grew up on cartoons and video games and spent most of his time alone imagining several scenarios, which prompted him to try to implement his fertile imagination by drawing caricature characters. With the passage of time, his imagination matured to contain realistic personalities, and curiosity grew within him about the behavior and shapes of people.

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