Saturday, October 16, 2021

The European Banking committee announces that it has been subjected to a widespread cyber breach

The European Banking Commission e-mail servers were exposed to a global breach targeting Microsoft’s servers for the “Microsoft Exchange” messaging service.

The European Union body said that the breach may have accessed personal data on its servers, and that it decided to stop its email system completely during the damage assessment process.

She added, “The European Banking Authority is working on determining the data that have been accessed, if any.”

Microsoft’s servers are widely used by corporations and governments, but only a few organizations have so far admitted to the breach.

what happened?
Microsoft said that the hack exploited a vulnerability in the e-mail system of its message exchange service or sometimes used stolen passwords, to make it appear as if someone had the right to access the system, in a way that would allow the possibility to control the e-mail server remotely, and steal data From the network.

And US officials warned at the end of last week that the attack remained “an effective threat.”

“This is an effective and active threat … everyone and every destination that operates these servers – government, the private sector and academia – needs to act now to fix them,” said White House spokeswoman Jane Biscay.

Microsoft believes that a Chinese state-sponsored entity, Hafnium, is behind the hack.

But China denies any involvement in this matter.

The US National Security Council said companies at risk need to take more steps, and the council urged all organizations to announce whether they have been affected.

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