Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fashion is looking for a better, more sustainable world

The modern global challenges that we are facing, starting from climate, to the scarcity of water resources, have made many fashion houses bear responsibility and search for solutions, when using fabrics, which are the first element in the completion of fashion, regardless of their designs and the target age group, and in this context.

The companies continued their commitment to achieving a more responsible fashion industry, and used a range of denim fabrics for this season, which will save 30 million liters of water in the final stage, thanks to innovative and more sustainable operations.

Some models incorporate technologies such as laser or ozone, in order to provide sustainable and effective solutions for washing and preparing every uniform. Likewise, Tommy Jeans presented her Spring 2021 collection, with a modern and sporty effect, based on denim and recycled cotton fabrics.

Recreate and adapt

About this group, Beatriz Bio, Mango’s Director of Sustainability, said: Thanks to innovation and adaptation to sustainable technologies and processes, we are creating collections, and we are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives and production materials.

Mango has continuous goals and a clear plan to achieve its approach, based on its conviction to continue betting on a more responsible business model. By 2025, 50% of polyester, one of the primary materials in the fashion industry, will be recycled.

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