Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Egypt… Details of saving a mermaid from certain death

In 10 minutes, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the civil society sector and those working in marine activities, succeeded in saving a mermaid from death, after the nets were suspended on the body of this animal, which is scientifically called “Dojong”, in the area of ​​Marsa Mubarak in the Red Sea.
And the Egyptian Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, announced the completion of the rescue operation and the withdrawal of the net stuck on the animal after a report was received from a tourist boat stating that there were nets on the body of the Dojung in the Morsi Mubarak area around the tail area, in order to immediately raise the state of readiness of the volunteers in the region and move with the participation of a number of guides.

The mermaid animal is considered an endangered marine animal, according to Dr. Mohamed Salem, head of the nature protection sector at the Ministry of Environment. This animal is considered one of the most important marine organisms in existence, indicating that the total number on the entire coast does not exceed 70 creatures.

Speaking to “Sky News Arabia”, Salem pointed out that its scarcity made it the focus of attention of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the Ministry, explaining that all the places of this object’s existence are known precisely to the Ministry’s bodies according to research efforts that are carefully implemented, in addition to identifying these organisms through a program. The Ministry follows it to identify all the animals on the Egyptian coast through markings on the tail and body, which are impossible to be repeated in more than one animal.

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