Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Algerian artist Abdel Karim Karar passed away

The Algerian artist Abdelkarim Kaarar passed away today, Sunday, at the age of 73.

The Algerian Ministry of Culture mourned the late Algerian who worked for many years in Ouargla with directors Ammar Al-Askari, Mohamed Hazorli, Mohamed Bouamari, Mohamed Salim Riad, Gamal Fazaz and El-Tayeb Mofti.

Among his most prominent cinematic and television professional experiences: “The Sky and Works” by Mohamed Bouamari, “The Path” by the late director Mohamed Salim Riad, and “Journey to the East” by the late Ammar Al-Askari, among others.

The comedian Abdel Karim Karaar was born in Ain Makhlouf in the wilaya of Guelma, and he completed his studies on dramatic arts at the National Film Institute in Ben Aknoun between 1964-1966.

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