Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Digital models conquer the fashion world

Models Noonoouri and Choudou Gramm grace the covers of fashion magazines and pose for a showcase of luxury brands, and are under contract with famous fashion agencies. However, they are only available by default.

The government summit, which concluded its activities a few days ago, presented future visions about the technological side of global cities and their smart methods in developing services and various areas of life in order to reach leadership and improve the experience of customers. Several new terms were presented to the public, most notably: smart cities, smart transportation, and smart education Smart medicine, and other things, but “Al Bayan” decided to invent the concept of smart “fashion” based on the modernity of Dubai and the exceptional summit that called for the necessity of preparing for the expected and unexpected challenges of life. It is not reasonable for robots to replace a large number of Doctors, engineers, and teachers, for example, without affecting the fashion sector and the makers of “fashion”, and based on that here are the smart features of “fashion” as we imagine it, as everything is possible to happen.

Digital models compete strongly with human models, not only in terms of beauty, but in terms of wages, and this may cause unemployment among our pretty models.

Designers will not have to transfer their outfits to the showroom, as the outfits will be digital as well, and of high color quality.

It takes technicians months to prepare the display stage or the “catwalk” .. suffering that will disappear in the coming years. The stage may become digital so that it appears at the show and disappears after its completion.

Designers may dazzle us with clothes that help us control body temperature.

It will not be difficult for designers to create clothes that enable us to know the degree of consistency between the pieces that we wear. For example, our clothes will become more lustrous when the color of the shirt matches the trousers or the shirt with the tie, and this, in turn, may make the “look” experts in their homes without jobs.

All kinds of clothes and shoes will have special codes that help security services track criminals, and wives pursue their husbands.

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