Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Classification of the richest Arab clubs … a “resounding surprise” for Egypt’s clubs

A large number of distinguished players prefer to play in clubs with greater market value, because they can pump large money, which is clearly seen in the kidnapping of a number of Saudi and Qatari clubs for some prominent players thanks to their financial resources.

The Tunisian player Ferjani Sassi’s renewal crisis with the Egyptian club Zamalek caused a sensation in Egyptian circles, and campaigns appeared for the white fans to support the player and try to contribute financially to renew the contract, especially since the player became loved and loved by dead fans an obstacle to his distinguished performance over the years of his presence in Egypt. .

The fear of the fans became clear after rumors surfaced that the international player was about to join the Qatari dam, which he had been negotiating for months, to join his ranks, after he offered him a huge sum of money higher than the white team, but the player’s desire is settled for Zamalek if he is financially appreciated, as announced to close to the player. .

The entry of the Qatari club in the negotiations opened the door to knowing more Arab clubs in terms of market and financial value, which the Transfer Market website confirmed that Saudi and Qatari clubs dominate the top Arab clubs thanks to the huge financial resources, while the final two finalists of the last African Champions League “Al-Ahly and Zamalek” came in The eighth and fifteenth places.

Asian clubs ranking

The Saudi club Al-Ahly, known as “The Emperor and the Castle of Cups”, was at the forefront of Arab clubs in terms of market value at 45.70 million euros. However, this did not prevent the team so far in leading the Saudi League, in which it ranks fourth with 35 points after 22 rounds.

And in second place came the Saudi club Al-Nasr, who is seventh in the Saudi League, with 30 points after playing the same number of Al-Ahly matches, with 44.03 million euros.

And in third place came the Saudi club Al-Hilal with a value of 43.68 million euros, but what the team’s board of directors did is clear, as the team competes for the Saudi League and ranks second with 42 points, and only 3 points separate it from the leader.

The Qatari team “Al-Duhail” ranked fourth with a market value of 33.13 million euros, but the team’s position in the local league became difficult after losing many points during the 18 rounds, which the team played and through them ranked second with 37 points, a difference of 10 full points from First place is Al-Sadd, with a match less than the leaders.

And in fifth place came the Saudi youth team, leading the local league, with 45 points, at a value of 31.85 million euros, so that the reinforcements made by the Board of Directors would be the best help for the team so far in the trip to the championship.

And in sixth place, the Saudi Jeddah Federation team came third in the league table ranking, with 38 points, with a value of 30.65 million euros.

And in seventh place, the Qatari Al-Sadd team, the league leaders, came unbeaten so far, with 47 points, worth 27.63 million euros.

African Clubs Ranking

The African champion in the last edition and the bronze holder of the Club World Cup recently occupied Al-Ahly club eighth place with 25.50 million euros, and the team is waiting for a number of postponed matches in the local league, and if it wins them all, it tops the table by 3 points from its traditional rivals Zamalek.

And in the ninth place came the first classification for an Emirati team, which is Al Ain, with a marketing value of 24.25 million euros, but the late team in the ranking table after it ranked sixth is now required to win in the next matches without any bleeding points, to enter the competition circle again.

And in the tenth place in terms of marketing value for most Arab clubs, the UAE’s Shabab Al-Ahly team ranks fourth in the local table ranking, with a value of € 22.90 million.

The Egyptian club Pyramids surpassed the Egyptian league leaders currently Zamalek and ranked eleventh in the list of the highest Arab clubs in terms of marketing value with 20.95 million euros, but the newly established team in 2008 under the name Al-Asyouti suffers in the local league and ranks second with 25 points with play Two more games than leaders Zamalek, and 5 games from Al-Ahly, third in the standings.

And in twelfth place came the Saudi deal with a value of 20.63 million euros, and the UAE island in thirteenth place with a value of 20.23 million euros, and in the fourteenth place came the UAE club Sharjah with a value of 20.18 million euros.

And in the fifteenth place came the Egyptian club Zamalek, the leader of the local league, with a marketing value of 19.45 million euros, but the white team has recently been suffering from financial crises that hit the club from the inability to renew the basic elements.

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