Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Golden Globe Awards will be announced Sunday in the absence of the stars and the red carpet

The absence of the festive atmosphere and the red carpet will not obscure the interest in the announcement of the “Golden Globes” awards that will be held on Sunday evening. Although it will be organized in default form due to the Corona pandemic, it will be an occasion during which Hollywood celebrates its outputs and honors the late actor Chadwick Bozeman after his death.

The Golden Globe Awards are gaining great attention in the American film community, and those working in this sector are seeking to win them. It may boost the fortunes of the top Oscar nominees, but it also, on the contrary, may dampen their hopes.

Hollywood journalism
And in 2019, the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood, which selected the winners, showed that it had a strong intuition, as all those who won the “Golden Globes” in the film category, after weeks, won Oscars, with the exception of the film music category.

“The Trail of the Chicago Seven” by Aaron Sorkin and “Nomadland” by Chinese-American filmmaker Chloe Gao is considered the best nominees for Best Picture Award, given that they deal with two hot topics currently being strongly proposed.

As for Sorkin, it centers on the police crackdown on protests against the Vietnam War in the American city of Chicago in 1968, while Nomadland is a tribute to contemporary “hippies” as they immerse themselves in the world of “trailer residents” who roam the United States in their old vehicles.

And prizes expert in “Deadline” magazine, Pete Hammond noted that “Chicago Seven” is in a position to win, as “it embodies the spirit of the age, even if its events date back 50 years, and many stars participated in it.”

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