Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The global tourism sector .. Signs of recovery loom, and the biggest bet is on the vaccine

Early in the global pandemic, travel experts scrambled to shape the recovery; Will it be “L” shaped or will it be more “W” shaped?

A year later, perhaps despite a short recovery and a lot of pent-up demand, the travel boom has yet to happen.

However, there is a glimmer of optimism both for the industry and for people eager to dust their bags, travelers are now starting to book trips they hope to take months or more in the future.

Few markets, including Africa and Antarctica, are doing so well that their stocks have sold out most of the upcoming peak seasons – winter and summer respectively in the southern part. Some destinations are also booming now.

In Miami, as an example, with only four exceptions, all of its fifteen five-star hotels, which can be booked on the Expedia website, were booked during the President’s Day weekend. The rooms available were limited to the most expensive only.

In St. Regis Ball Harbor, only a handful of suites valued at $ 3,500 a night were booked, and the remaining stock at One Hotel South Beach was mostly limited to the 4,500-square-foot Presidential Suite at a cost of $ 50,617. Per night, that’s nearly half a million dollars to book for the entire February vacation.

The future of travel in the time of “Corona”
For US travelers, Miami is the prudent return point for tourism, according to an informal survey of more than a dozen travel service providers, online booking sites, industry groups, analysts, and consultants.

These people said that despite the continued effective lockdown of desirable destinations across Australia and much of Europe, enthusiastic travelers are exploring opportunities around the world, and their choices are dominated by open borders and a feeling of safety to a large extent.

And travelers eager to return to their favorite spots simply place early bets, hoping their destinations will welcome them when the time comes.

Among the most popular options are the wide open spaces. There are also signs of increased demand in destinations with high vaccine use.

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