Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Great competition between four candidates to succeed Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed at the helm of the Confederation of African Football

Observers of African football are awaiting the elections for the new president of the Confederate Federation of the Game on March 12 to find out the successor to the current President of Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed, who faces a five-year ban from the International Federation of Football Association for corruption charges. FIFA is accused of interfering in these elections through the support of its president, Janie Infantino, for the most prominent candidates in these elections, namely South African Patrice Mutsibi and Mauritanian Ahmed Ould Yahya, while observers estimate that the game of alliances between national federations on the continent will determine the name of the winner.

In elections described as “Game of Thrones”, four candidates will compete for the post of president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) on March 12th in Rabat. The fortunes of SenegaleseAugustin Senghor and Mauritanian Ahmed Ould Yahya are higher than the Ivorian Jacques Anoma and South African Patrice Mutsepi.

The past weeks have witnessed an active campaign for the four candidates to succeed the current Malagasy President Ahmed Ahmed.

Ahmed was arrested by the International Federation (FIFA) for five years on charges of corruption, and he hopes that the decision will be reversed through the portal of the Court of Arbitration for Sport on March 2.

Each of the 54 national federations has the right to vote in the elections, which indicates “competitive elections,” according to Gayle Mahe of the Sports Global Business Agency, the organizer of the national team matches in Africa, told AFP.

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