Saturday, January 29, 2022

German Audi unveils its luxury electric car

The German company “Audi” expects that the United States will be the largest market for its new four-door electric car, which is expected to be one of the most powerful cars ever built by the luxury brand of the “Volkswagen” Group.

The new car provides slightly less acceleration than the pioneering modern “sedans” of the “S-Blade” model of Tesla, which was promoted by CEO Elon Musk, as the destination of high-speed seekers in the world of electric cars.

“The car is produced exclusively for the US market,” Hildegard Wortman, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for Audi, said in a live broadcast to reporters. North America is expected to account for about 50% of its sales, followed by Europe and Asian markets, including China, South Korea, and Japan.

The design of the new car, which integrates the e-tron SUV and GT sports car, aims to highlight the latest in Audi design and technology. This is instead of going to boost the volume of electric cars, Wortman said. Annual deliveries of the GT segment will likely drop to just under 10,000 cars.

Audi intends to introduce its next large electric vehicle – the “crossover” dubbed the Q4 e-tron) later in 2021.

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