Sunday, June 13, 2021

A US bill to facilitate news publishers’ negotiation with Google and Facebook

Members of Congress are considering introducing a bill in the coming weeks to make it easier for smaller news organizations to negotiate with major tech platforms like Google and Facebook.

Republican Rep. Ken Buck, a member of the Antitrust Committee of the US House of Representatives Judicial Committee, said on Friday that the committee “will issue a series of antitrust bills that facilitate negotiation with major technology platforms, boosting sales in the troubled news sector,” according to what she said. Reuters.

Social media companies use the news to attract customers, while news publishers accuse them of “not sharing enough advertising revenue with them.”

Facebook and Australia
The US bill comes while Australia is locked in a fierce battle with Facebook, because it blocks news and pages of charitable institutions and health and emergency services, as part of a dispute over a proposed law requiring it and Google to pay news outlets whose links lead to increased visits to their platforms, or the agreement. On the price through arbitration.

While Facebook fights publishers, Google strikes deals with them in France, Australia and other countries. And “Google” announced its approval of a global deal with News Corp, involving large payments to the news organization, in one of the largest deals.

According to PewResearch data, the news industry is facing a crisis, with US newspaper employment falling in half since 2008, amid declining advertising revenue and changing media habits.

Last October, a majority on the Antitrust Subcommittee noted “violations by Google and Facebook, while Buck noted that tech giants” are the “biggest threat to the free market economy.”

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