Sunday, May 16, 2021

LastPass gives its users a free choice between mobile and computer

The service of saving and transferring passwords between devices LastPass announced the amendment of its free package for users, to allow the user to choose between using the service on either mobile devices or computers.

The service indicated, in a statement, that, starting from March 16th, “the user will have to choose to rely on the service either on his smartphones or computer devices while supporting the operation of the service on an infinite number of devices of the type that he will choose.”

In exchange for money
The service, which is used by about 20 million users around the world, indicated that users can enjoy their previous experience in exchange for paying $ 3 a month, and they can also enjoy a family package that allows using the service on 6 people’s devices, for $ 4 per month.

The new move is an attempt by the service to open a greater scope for profit, but this may negatively affect its wide audience base, which was used on various smart devices, including phones and computers.

How is the new policy implemented?
On the specified date, users will appear on their devices within the LastPass service, a notification message that allows them to use the service on their smartphones or computers, and this message will appear to them 3 times to allow them to change their choices freely.

But after exhausting the three times, the service will only start on the type of devices the user chose last time, and stop it on the rest of the devices of the other type.

LastPass will also suspend the ability to communicate with technical support for free users via e-mail, beginning May 17th.

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