Saturday, January 29, 2022

After 6 weeks of closure .. Beauty salons in Germany are returning with strict conditions

Hair salons expect a large influx with re-opening; Where the results of a survey revealed that one in 3 Germans would like to go to a barber.

Hairdressing salons in Germany will resume their work from Monday, after a nearly 6-week closure due to restrictions imposed to contain the Corona pandemic.

And salons have been closed since March 23 due to the Corona pandemic, and they open their doors today, subject to conditions.

The sector expects a large influx of customers with the reopening, as the results of a survey revealed that one in 3 Germans would like to go to a barber. The results indicated that 10% said that they booked an appointment, 4% said that they wanted to book an appointment but were unable to, while 18% said that they did not book an appointment but that they “want to go to the barber soon after the opening.”

“There will be inconsistencies,” the executive director of the German Association of Hairdressers, Jörg Müller, told the German news agency DPA.

An innovative mask to prevent corona while shaving
However, due to the new regulations in the Corona crisis, salons will only be able to provide service to a limited number of customers.

According to Mueller’s data, many salons will be forced to reduce the number of chairs available to their customers to the limit stipulated by the new regulations, and salons will now be prohibited from providing services that require proximity to the face, such as eyebrow dye, eyelashes, face shaving, and beard care.

According to the results of the poll conducted by the YouGov Institute for Opinion Measurement for the German News Agency, about 70% of Germans said that they missed a visit to the barber during the Corona crisis, with 15% saying that they missed her “severely”, while 28% said that they “somewhat” missed it.

The results showed that men were more inclined to visit barbershops compared to women, as the percentage of men who were eager to visit the barbershop was 47%, while this percentage among women was 40%.

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