Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The social networking platform “Parler” returns with new technology

Parler app which is popular with US users and discontinued after the Congressional riots, has relaunched its social media platform with sustainable and independent technology.

Last month, Amazon suspended the Parler platform from its web hosting service, which effectively led to the disruption of the site unless it could find a new company to host its services.

Parler said today, Monday, that its new technology is ending its dependence on major technology companies to run their operations

Parler said it had appointed Mark Mikler as interim CEO, replacing John Matz, who was sacked by the company’s board of directors this month.

This comes after the platform’s disappearance after being boycotted by major service providers who accused the app of failing to censor violent content related to the January 6 attack on the US Congress building in Washington, DC.

Spreading misinformation
House Democrats are investigating the finances of the Parler app and the platform’s foreign relations as the disrupted social media network is subject to further scrutiny.
Meanwhile, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Caroline Maloney (Democrat from New York State) sent a letter to the company, last Monday, asking it to hand over documents related to its relations with Russia and former President Donald Trump.

Maloney noted that the Russian disinformation was “allowed to circulate and spread” on Parler despite being removed from other social networks. She also confirmed that in a BuzzFeed News report that Trump was in talks to acquire a 40% ownership stake in Parler in exchange for its use. As his primary social platform, though negotiations were stalled after the Capitol attack.

Maloney also cited the apparent link between the Parler site and the events at the Capitol as important reasons for investigating the company, and USA Today’s analysis found that “calls for civil war intensified” on the stage during what Trump said during the rally preceding the Capitol attack.

In a previous statement to Forbes, DDoS-Guard defended its services provided to Parler, while distancing itself from its potential role in the riots, and said that the company “does not in any way endorse any radical, extremist or terrorist organizations or illegal activities.” The company does not support any political movements, and the only policy that complies with DDoS-Guard is the network neutrality policy. “

Former Parler CEO John Matzy told Axios that he did not actually want Trump to strike a deal with Parler, and explained that he “did not like the idea of ​​working with Trump, because he may have exercised his authority over individuals within the company to do what he wanted,” Matzi added, Who was fired from the company last week, he fears Trump will retaliate if the company does not agree to the deal.

The CEO of the tech giant Apple, Tim Cook, suggested that the popular social network Parler would return to the Apple App Store if it changed how it supervised posts on the platform, and Apple had stopped all Parler app downloads after January 6th attack on the US Capitol, December, and citing posts on the platform that could incite more violence. So did Google and Amazon.

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