Saturday, October 16, 2021

Leaked picture of Meryem Uzerli with her American lover shaving his beard

Social media influencers shared a picture in which Maryam Ozerli, known as Sultana Huyam, appeared in the series “The Sultan’s Harem”, accompanied by her American lover, who previously revealed his nationality without his identity.

According to Turkish artistic reports, the photo was leaked of Maryam and her lover, from inside their home, where she appeared shaving his beard, placing a piece of cloth on his face and around his neck, to appear completely ready to shave her lover’s beard, according to what showed the image that showed her hand holding the razor.

The same reports indicated that Mary Ozerli had launched an account on Instagram in the name of her eldest daughter, Lara Jan Atich, who is currently 7 years old, and that the image was leaked from her daughter’s account, to be circulated afterward, so Mary deleted the photo from her daughter’s account.

According to reports, the image increased its circulation, which prompted Maryam Ozerli to completely delete her daughter’s account from “Instagram” so that any reference to her account would be removed after the image was circulated, which contributed to limiting its circulation.

Despite what these reports have recorded, it cannot be assured that this photo is true of her American lover, since Mary Ozerli’s life is in a state of ambiguity, as she imposes a fence of secrecy and does not disclose any information except with a statement on her tongue, and she has not announced her marriage to him until the moment.

In another context, Maryam Ozerli had celebrated her daughter’s birthday a few days ago and published a set of photos from her celebration of the birthday of her eldest daughter, Lara, who has reached the age of seven.

Maryam Ozerli conveyed a message to her daughter from her father in which she told her that he loves her very much, wishing that God protect the children of the world, so she wrote: “Happy birthday, Lara, 7 years, mine, my father and your mother love you very much, our Lord protects all the children of the world.”

In the meantime, Turkish technical reports transmitted information about the return of Maryam Ozerli to the screens again after a period of absence due to her pregnancy and childbirth, as the reports confirmed that the producers of the famous German series Dark presented an offer for the famous actress in the Arab world to be part of the cast of their new series that they are working on preparing.

Reports said that Maryam Ozerli, who gave birth to her second child a month ago, is scheduled to travel next month to Berlin to hold a meeting with the production team to agree on the issue of her appearance at work.

It is noteworthy that Maryam Ozerli is a Turkish actress, born in Germany to a German mother and Turkish father, and she worked professionally through the series “The Sultan’s Harem”, which brought her great fame in Turkey and the Arab world.

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