Friday, June 18, 2021

Huawei gave up on Samsung screens, fearing the US ban

A recent report stated that Huawei will not use Samsung screens in its new Mate X2 foldable phone and that the new screen will be manufactured by Chinese giant BOE, Samsung’s biggest competitor in the screen industry.

The report, published by ZDNet China, stated that the Chinese phone giant replaced Samsung with its rival BOE at the last moment before the start of the partnership contract with the Korean company, which is considered a great loss for the Korean giant.

The report indicates that Huawei’s decision stems from its disturbed relationship with the US government, which has blacklisted it and prohibited its dealings with US companies completely, or with any companies that use US technologies in the manufacture of their products, which applies to Samsung, except after obtaining a permit from the Ministry American Trade.

The Korean company had already obtained a permit to sell smartphone screens to Huawei last October, and the partnership between the two companies was proceeding normally, but in the last moments, Huawei changed the tide of things towards the Chinese BOE, fearing any sudden decisions on the part of the US administration, and to become in control of The production path of her next phone.

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