Saturday, January 29, 2022

Formula-1 … Red Bull will use its Honda engines in 2022

The Red Bull Formula 1 World Championship team announced today, Monday, that it has established its own engines company and will start from the 2022 season using engines based on the technology of the Japanese company Honda.

Honda is currently providing the engines to Red Bull and its associated Alpha Tauri team but will leave the championship as a supplier of power units (engines) at the end of the current 2021 season in order to focus on developing zero-emissions technology.

The announcement comes after the Formula 1 team and manufacturers agreed last week to “freeze” engine development from the start of 2022.

The deal with Honda covers a freeze period that will last until the next generation of power units is approved in 2025.

“We were definitely disappointed when Honda decided to leave Formula 1 as a supplier of the engines … but we thank them for their support in facilitating the arrival of the new agreement,” said Christian Horner, head of the Red Bull team.

“Honda has invested a lot in hybrid technology to secure competitive power units for both teams,” Horner added.

The Red Bull engine plant will be located at the team’s plant headquarters in Milton Keynes, England.

The Red Bull teams (Red Bull and Alpha Tauri) won Honda engines some races last year, restoring Honda engines’ reputation after a disappointing link with McLaren.

The Japanese company promised to continue developing its engines for the two teams until leaving the championship.

Red Bull will be led this season by young Dutch Max Verstappen, and experienced Mexican Sergio Perez and the team hopes to challenge Mercedes’s dominance in the championship.

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