Saturday, January 29, 2022

Apple records a decline in “iPhone 12” sales

Demand for the new version of Apple, the iPhone 12 mini, witnessed an unprecedented decline, as it recorded in America only about 5% of total sales of its new phones during the first half of last January.

Counterpoint, industry data provider, explained that this indicator indicates the lack of demand for the new version of “iPhone 12”, which is one of the main devices currently produced by Apple.

Low demand for small phones
JPMorgan analyst William Yang said in a note last week that weak demand for the smaller iPhone 12 and 12 mini could lead to Apple to stop production in the second quarter.
Yang added that the products are expected to be modified by investors to satisfy the market.
Screens below 6.0 “account for about 10% of all smartphones sold in the global market,” according to Reuters.

Smartphone users are turning to larger devices in recent years, especially with the increase in following video content on the go, via visually rich social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.
The demand for smaller smartphones is weaker, compared to the high-end iPhone 12 Pro and older iPhone 11s.
Apple shipped its iPhone 12 lineup several weeks later than usual last year, but an increasing number of new models of the phone have made special demand in China.

Last month, California-based Cupertino Corporation reported a quarterly profit of $ 65.60 billion from its iPhone business, beating the record it had set three years ago.

The dispute between Apple and Facebook
The dispute has escalated between Apple and social media companies, especially Facebook, during the recent period.
Apple has begun to set new rules for its devices. The latest update to be released by “Apple” this year for its IOS system forces application developers to show transparency in the collection or use of personal data of users, according to the French agency.
According to the new rules, apps have to ask for permission from users to track their trail across the network, a key feature of ad targeting that Vibesock relies on.

The president of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said in a statement that the changes that Apple will make will prevent small and medium-sized companies from targeting their customers through ads that suit them.
Several companies have criticized “Apple” for years, for obtaining a large commission of up to 30% on the financial operations that their users conduct through the “App Store”.

Digital platforms such as Facebook and Google rely on free services and targeted advertising targeting at a very large scale. As for Apple, it derives its revenue from sales of electronic devices and subscription-based electronic services.

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