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Who will make the new “Apple” car? .. These are the nominated companies

Apple’s work on the car has sparked speculation about several potential manufacturing partners able to build an autonomous electric vehicle for the tech giant.

The covert project has gained momentum in recent months, as it hires several former Tesla executives and is supervised by Apple’s top AI executive, as the company ramps up road testing by the company and attracts the initiative, known as Project Titan. (Project Titan) inside “Apple” intense interest because of its ability to turn the electric car industry, and supply chains upside down, as did the “iPhone” for the smartphone market.

Once Apple is committed to building a car, it will most likely look for several partners, including a major company to assemble the car and many suppliers of basic components. In the following lines, we seek to monitor a list of companies whose representatives refused to comment, likely to be candidates for this matter.

Foxconn Technology Group already enjoys a close relationship with “Apple”, and for more than a decade, it was the largest partner of the American company, and collected most of the “iPhones”, a large part of the “iPhones” and “iPads” in complexes Massive manufacturing involving over a million people across China.

In October, Foxconn, whose main listed arm is the Hon Hai Precision Industry, unveiled its first electric vehicle chassis and software platform to help automakers accelerate the introduction of models to the market, and it also plans to release a solid battery by 2024.

The Taiwanese company, founded by billionaire Terry Go, announced a plan in early 2020 to establish a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler to develop and manufacture electric cars in China, although Foxconn will not be involved in any assembly business itself.

Last January, Foxconn signed a manufacturing contract with Chinese electric car start-up Byton Ltd., aiming to start mass production of the MB model in the first quarter of 2022, and announced another joint venture with Zhejiang. Geely Holding “Chinese to provide production services and consulting.

Magna, located in Ontario, Canada, is the world’s third-largest supplier of automobile companies by sales, with contract manufacturing operations and years of experience creating complete models for a range of brands.

Magna produces everything from chassis to car seats, sensors and driver assistance software. Automakers such as BMW AG and Jaguar Land Rover have enlisted the Magna Steyr unit and moved their production to its plant in Graz, Austria.

Magna is offering its engineering and manufacturing services to emerging electric car companies, and has agreed to introduce an electric vehicle program for “Ocean SUV” cars to Fisker Inc., and added autonomous driving features to the deal in January.

In December, Magna placed about $ 450 million in a joint venture with the Korean “LG Electronics” to make electric motors and is also working to expand its manufacturing footprint in China, the largest electric vehicle market, by building an ArcFox Alpha-T for the Beijing company. To manufacture cars, “BAIC”, and this is the first vehicle the company has assembled outside Europe.

The company also benefited from its previous relationships with “Apple”, and the two companies entered into negotiations to build a car when the maker of “iPhone” for the first time expressed its desire to enter the field five years ago.

Hyundai or Kia
Hyundai Motor and its successor, Kia Motors, have attracted the most attention so far this year thanks to Hyundai confirming reports that appeared in South Korea last month that it was in discussions with Apple but quickly backed out, and he said, it was not in negotiations.

Hyundai and Kia have factories in the United States in Alabama and Georgia, and their EV systems offer a driving distance of more than 500 kilometers (311 miles) and the ability to recharge car batteries by 80% in 18 minutes.

Although the two companies sell electric cars from their current models, they plan to sell vehicles based on programs dedicated to electric vehicles from March, which will help reduce costs and improve performance efficiency, and they intend to develop 23 electric models and sell one million units globally by 2025.

There is a lot of ado about whether or not Kia and Hyundai will develop a car on behalf of “Apple”, a highly ambiguous company. Although the two companies said there are no ongoing discussions, negotiations could start if Apple considers them their best potential partners.

Despite the low potential for a partnership, Nissan Motors has several elements that could be beneficial to Apple.

Nissan already has a joint software platform developed by its French partner, “Renault”, which will be used in the compact sports car “Ariya” that is expected to be launched later this year. When the Japanese company was asked if it wanted to build cars for Apple, the manager said Executive Makoto Yoshida, at the Business Results Conference, said, “Nissan has the DNA to do things that no one else does.”

The carmaker has been mired in recession and announced its biggest loss in two decades in fiscal year 2019. It may get the much-needed revenue from helping Apple develop and manufacture its vehicle, and it may in turn benefit from access to Apple technology.

After pursuing a strategy of “increasing volume at all costs”, which has eroded its profits, “Nissan” needs to attract the most able-to-buy class of customers, and this will enable it to a large extent; The technology inside its cars.

One factor in determining the suitability of a partner for Apple may be the availability of enormous production capacity, which is a strength for European automakers, such as Stellants, which have been hit by sluggish sales in the region and have excess capacity in some factories.

Stilantis is under pressure to expand after the merger between PSA and Fiat Chrysler formed last month.

Executive Director, Carlos Tavares, said during a press conference on January 19 that Stelantis was open to working on electric cars with Apple or any other technology company, provided that “this does not lead to its total dependence on a particular technology, which could threaten the future of the manufacturer.” the cars”.

Chairman John Elkan said in 2016 that the automotive sector should work with “new players in the sector”, such as Google and Apple, rather than trying to compete with them.

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