Every one of us knows that the main goal of World Animal Day is to remember the importance of preserving animal species on this planet, so that animal life in all its forms is celebrated, and there are blessings and fundraising in many places in various countries of the world.

On October 4, 1929, World Animal Day was declared during a conference held in Vienna, where the World Organization for Animal Protection proposed this day as the date in which the awareness of the danger of extinction and the importance of animals on the planet must be realized, and it is also important to respect natural habitats. For animals in the wild to avoid the disappearance of these animal species, as well as to control the rate of street animals in urban areas.

In 1978 the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was declared and approved by the United Nations, and through this declaration, the rights that animals possess are recognized, and it is made clear that human actions to commit crimes against animals and nature are completed in ignorance of these rights, and during this date also animal shelters were established And other organizations with many campaigns and events to collect money, food and coats, so that sessions are also organized with information exhibitions, which seek to give knowledge of the current problem in addition to the status of animals, whether local or wild, as well as ways in which we can help and cooperate, which will create A culture of respect and sensitivity.

Knowing that the basic idea of ​​animal rights is to ensure that all animals deserve the greatest amount of care, respect, and protection from humans and International Animal Rights Day strives to end the exploitation that takes place against animals.