Friday, June 18, 2021

Monopoly accusations and citation between “Microsoft” and “Slack”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has criticized a complaint by Slack, a team communication service, accusing the software giant of exercising a monopoly.

Nadella said, during an interview with Bloomberg, that the success of the “Slack” service would not have happened without the Microsoft Windows operating system for personal computers.

The basis for the success of “Slack”
The director of Microsoft said: “Could the success of Slack have been achieved without being able to benefit from the Windows platform for free?”, Stressing that the “Slack” administration at the time did not even need to communicate with Microsoft or even go through any of its application stores.

The “Slack” filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, last year, accusing it of monopoly in Europe, and said that Microsoft used the control of its famous services to the business sector, Office 365, to market the Microsoft Teams service that competes with “Slack”.

Nadella pointed out that Microsoft offers the most open electronic platform in its Windows operating system as well as its Office 365 services.

Slack: A silly idea
On the other hand, the head of Slack’s communication sector, Jonathan Prince, responded to the statements of Microsoft’s director, saying that “the idea of ​​the success of Slack being linked to the company that tried to borrow his idea and its features in order to try to destroy it, is absurd.”

Jonathan added, in an official statement, that the logical question is whether Microsoft linked its Teams service to its application package and provided it to the business sector, in order to tighten its grip on the business software market and stop the possibility of discovering other competing alternatives to its service.

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