Monday, July 26, 2021

Smart machines to sell a “self” Corona test for $ 149

A test for infection with the Coronavirus may require a visit to a medical facility or one of the testing centers via cars, but this is no longer the case in the American city of Oakland, California, as the lobbies of its international airport have a proliferation of machines selling test packages for $ 149 a package.

The black machines provide travelers with semi-self-test packages, which the buyer uses to extract a sample of saliva, then sends it to the laboratory to receive the result within 48 hours via an electronic application, which is the service expected to be provided in a number of other airports and public places.

‘Crisis Service’
Vending machines provide RT-PCR tests to detect the Coronavirus using saliva, which has obtained an emergency use summary by the US Food and Drug Administration, as stated in a report by Forbes.

The company, which produces Wellness for Humanity, is targeting up to 1,000 machines that sell tests of the same class in several US cities during the coming months.

The producing company describes itself as being made up of a group of social entrepreneurs seeking to contribute to the provision of Corona tests urgently, against the background of the pandemic and its impact on the social environment, and it proposes, through the site, alternatives to conducting the tests, either by sending sample units to take home, or buying them From instant vending machines, or going to sampling sites.

The site specifies the price of the sample drawing unit, called SDNA-1000, at $ 149 when buying it from the machines, or delivering the unit to the home. The site also offers a promotional offer to its users by purchasing one package carrying 4 tests at a price of $ 559, as for the fees for renting a machine The sale of units in commercial sites and shops, reaching $ 15,000 for an initial 6-month period, according to the website.

How to use
In addition to the offers and prices, the site also provides a guide to using the test packages, which begins with recording the package on the company’s official website, saving the sample holder’s data, to receive the test result later, and then placing the saliva sample in the designated containers, then adding a chemical spectrum to the sample and shaking it for a few seconds, Taking care not to drink, food, or chewing gum half an hour before applying the sample.

To complete the dispatch process, the packages provide customized bags, bearing the biological hazard symbol, inside which the containers are placed and sealed before re-sending the package by mail to the competent laboratory, whose location is shown on the outer box.

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