Friday, October 15, 2021

Redwater floods astonish Indonesians

The red water inundated a village in Indonesia raised the surprise and astonishment of the residents before it became clear later that it was caused by floodwaters that affected a textile dyeing center in the center of Java, as this sparked a great interaction and widespread comments on social media.

Residents of Jingot were seen near the town of Bikalongan, according to videos circulating, on Saturday, as they walked through red water, and many posted pictures of this rare phenomenon on the Internet.

Officials later confirmed that the unique color came from a harmless fabric dye, which is used by many batik normalization factories in the area.

Pekalongan is famous for its “batik” textile industry, with many handicrafts flourishing all over the city.

“People did not throw the dye on purpose, but many of these factories were flooded and the containers of the dye were transported through the water,” said Dimas Arga Yoda, an official in the local disaster management department, adding that the batik dye is not toxic and does not pose a danger.

Local officials deployed pumps to dry the flooded area and cleaned them in less than an hour. Flooding is a very common occurrence throughout the Indonesian archipelago, especially in the rainy season.

And last January, at least 21 people were killed, and more than 60,000 evacuated, after a series of major floods that struck southern Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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