Friday, October 15, 2021

Google Chrome” experienced to 3 technical problems within 24 hours

Users of the Google Chrome web browser faced a set of technical and security problems within 24 hours, last Thursday, which was an add-on that violated the privacy of users’ data, a serious security vulnerability, and a problem in the process of synchronizing browser data, according to the report of the site, “Arth Technica”.

Last Thursday, Chrome users who had The Great Suspender add-on installed inside the browser were surprised by a warning message that alerts them that the extension has been removed from the Google Store servers and from their users’ devices as well.

Although a Google spokesman did not disclose the details of the deletion, he confirmed in a statement to the company that the aforementioned add-on has received a suspicious software update that includes a code that allows its owner to obtain data from users’ browsers easily and without their permission.

The Great Suspender is one of the most popular Chrome extensions that allow users to stop tabs that are not used for a period of time, thus saving the amount of RAM used by their devices, which keeps their performance fast.

And it was a big problem for users, because suddenly deleting the extension caused a large number of open tabs on their devices to be lost and suspended using the extension.

Security gap
Google released a security update for the Chrome browser, to fill a loophole bearing the code CVE-2021-21148. The company did not disclose information about its nature, but confirmed its classification as “high risk.”

The American company refused to comment on the nature of the vulnerability because it is dangerous, especially as it is being exploited against a number of users.

ATHENS, GREECE – 2018/08/05: In this photo illustration, the Google Chrome logo is seen displayed on a mobile phone. (Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Sync problem
The third problem came in the form of a report presented by a security researcher to Google, about a strange flaw in the data synchronization system from the “Chrome” browser, which allows hackers to bypass firewalls, and then they can plant software that makes them able to control the entire browser.

But the “Chrome” team confirmed that the vulnerability is not easy to exploit by the hackers, because it requires that they have direct physical contact with the victim’s device.

Despite these problems, it is not dangerous for the user to delete the “Chrome” browser, but he must make sure that he has the latest version, which is the number 88.0.4324.150.

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